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My Algo Wallet Review and Tutorial – Interact with the Algorand blockchain

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How to interact with the Algorand blockchain? A good decentralized wallet to explore this blockchain, and the one that I use, is My Algo Wallet. The applications built on the Algorand blockchain are in the early beginning, and this means that there are some nice earning possibilities with new crypto coins emerging on the Algorand blockchain, and even with farming, staking, lottery systems, and much more.

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My Algo Wallet review and tutorial blog post:

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——Video content——
00:00​ – Intro
01:48 – My Algo Wallet review
05:07 – My Algo Wallet tutorial – How to set it up?
09:28 – Gas fees on Algorand blockchain
11:17 – How to deposit crypto in My Algo Wallet?
12:48 – Conclusion

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