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Woah! Here's comes some HUGE updates to FEG's FEGEX platform! #DeFi + Liquidity Pools! Don't miss!

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Diamond Ortiz – Inevitable

0:00 Intro
2:24 Why I like FEG
2:57 FEG charts
5:01 Here’s why you should never listen to crypto YouTubers
7:30 FEG activity and volume
9:21 FEG wrapping
10:23 FEG staking
11:06 FEG liquidity pools are super exciting!
13:03 FEG should replicate Osmosis LPs (OSMO)
16:35 Why Wes loves high APY liquidity pools
17:23 Wes’ request to the FEG Team!
18:00 Conclusions and what’s missing

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